We sponsor adademic research to advance the state of the art in a domain.
These are examples from the University of Washington iSchool INFO Capstone program:

  • Viscera is a platform that allows black women to write and read reviews about their potential doctors. The reviews are written by black women for black women. This can help to encourage and help black women to find suitable doctors so they can feel safe and cared for. Research shows that Black women's basic health needs are not being met and are constantly overlooked. They are disproportionately burdened by chronic conditions, such as anemia and cardiovascular disease. The history of anti-Blackness and bias in the healthcare system has led many women to distrust the system entirely.
  • BlockHealth empowers workers with credentials used to identify a worker's skills and experience. Current credential practices lack the ability for an individual to verify this information and build trust between workers and employers. BlockHealth provides workers with credible ownership of the credentials they earned through the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Chirpout gives employees the ability to anonymously ‘chirp out’ serious issues they're impacted by and to do so without fear of retribution.
  • Counter COVID is a risk assessment tool that assists King County communities by reducing misinformation and easing their fears through a targeted and personalized approach.
  • Solace is an iOS mobile app equipped with robust cloaking mechanisms; enabling domestic abuse survivors to securely access resources and communicate with advocates and members of their support networks.

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